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Product description

The SL60 system, with mullions and transoms with a width of 60 mm is designed to create vertical curtain walls, sloping facades, roofs, domes, tunnels and polygonal constructions.

The system includes a range of profiles for the construction of the supporting structure with static characteristics suitable for the most stringent design requirements.

Design features

  • Mullions and transoms with external mechanical retain and cover
  • Frontal dimension of 60 mm


  • Integration with sub-structures (wood, steel).
  • High Insulation (optional) offering enhanced thermal insulation down to Ucw = 1,1 W/m²K.
  • Peripherical and finishing profiles
  • All surface finishing available. Cutomizable upon request.

Application type

Ideal for commercial and industrial sector application incl. offices, hospitals and schools.

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