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Regional expertise and support

From diligent research and development to in-depth technical support, AluK draws on local knowledge to provide quality solutions and personal service around the world.

Local expertise and technical support

AluK combines local knowledge with high quality technical support to help you achieve your aims. Managed by an international team of engineers and experts, we ensure our aluminium building systems comply with specific country regulations, adapting our products to local needs.

Our experienced and knowledgeable teams are available to offer expert advice across a range of subjects including design, performance, fabrication, installation and maintenance, supporting you at every step of the process.

Our salesmen and technicians arrange frequent training sessions and seminars to support our customers on various topics on a regular basis. Our team works together with customers to develop a solution that meets their specific needs and assist them during the fabrication and installation process to meet AluK requirements.

Efficient processes and facilities

We store and finish our building systems locally, with in-house processes ensuring we provide an efficient and reliable service. Product auto-picking allows us to source and select our systems quickly from our warehouses, and to deliver our aluminium systems in hundreds of colours and dual colour options.

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