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Founded on family and traditional values

With a heritage of outstanding quality and service since 1949, our businesses are founded upon traditional values such as reliability and trust supported by a personal approach.

Our brand culture puts the client at the center of the business and values reliability, resourcefulness, professionalism and the personal approach.

Our business is built upon

  • Quality

    Our high performance solutions deliver the aesthetic design, functionality and durability that sets our products apart in the market.
  • Service

    Our experienced and knowledgeable teams offer expert advice supporting you at every step of the process to help you achieve your aims.
  • Personal support

    Bringing together family run businesses and nurturing their values has made AluK a preferred partner around the world.
  • Local expertise

    We combine our expertise in performance building systems with local knowledge to develop products suited to your market.
  • International presence

    With operations in major countries around the globe, our building systems have been specified for many of the world's advanced and prestigious buildings.
  • Performance

    Through thoughtful design and R&D, our products offer high performance solutions and exceed many industry standards.

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